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Mike Hewson

M Hewson, Manchester St, 27 June 2014 062 M Hewson, Manchester St, 27 June 2014 068

The latest of Mike Hewson’s transformative installations, this time adorning the old Trinity Church on the corner of Manchester and Worcester Streets. Playing on the disappearance of architectural elements and the reconstitution of our perception and memory of our surroundings is a fitting concept in Christchurch. I have noticed recently how many buildings that had taken on new identities post-quake are now being torn down, it is an interesting aspect of our becoming accustomed to the changed environment, only to have it change once more…

Mike Hewson – Carpark Compression

Mike Hewson poss, ReStart Mall, 15-18 Jul 2013 063

Mike Hewson’s most recent central city installation – ‘Carpark Compression’ on the empty carpark building that overlooks ReStart Mall. There is more info at Mike’s website:  http://mikehewson.co.nz/2013/5/carpark-compression

Mike has also just completed a massive project in Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) – see more of that project here:  http://mikehewson.co.nz/2013/7/it-xxxxx-xx