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Askew One and Rone, Rise

Askew, Cathedral Junction, 24 Dec 2013 047 Askew’s Kristen piece on Gloucester Street near Cathedral Junction. I love the way the evolving face works have a sense of perfection from distance, but up close you can see the can workRone, Cathedral Sq, 24 Dec 2013  050

Rone’s piece on Worcester Street (just around the corner from Askew’s work). The photo is pretty poor, but it is something you really should see for real anyway….

Blowing in the wind

Inept Procedures, Cathedral Square, 30 Oct 2013 072

Cathedral Square has been a site of change over 2013. There has been a lot of colour added, making it a more welcoming and visually interesting place. People have started to spend time there, and not just tourists or people wanting to see the damaged Cathedral; skateboarders and people playing chess have returned. A few weeks ago I saw this large banner hanging from a hurricane fence near the entrance of the Square, a reminder that public space can be a site of expression…

Not what it seems…

Mike Hewson (poss),Hereford St, 17 Apr 2013 001 Mike Hewson (poss),Hereford St, 17 Apr 2013

It is hard to tell, but closer inspection reveals these walls have been adorned with an overlaid architectural image, seems familiar, although I haven’t been able to confirm if a certain artist whose work has been prominent around the city is behind this… Of course, it could all be coincidence and simply a remnant of the previous life of the building. If you want to see it for yourself, it is on the corner of Cathedral Square and Hereford Street…