There hasn’t been a lot of action on here for a while (I hope some of you might still be hanging around…) – I have been super busy with a number of exciting projects and in a few weeks, I hope to get back to more regular activity.

Of course, the city has still been filled with work, and there is plenty to catch up on, Devos coming out on top of Style Walls for 2015, and the arrival of a few big names for Oi YOU!’s Spectrum that opens on Saturday – get to the YMCA for some mind-blowing stuff by the awesome roster of contributing artists – such as Buff Monster, Tilt, Sofles, Adnate, Flox, Owen Dippie, Jacob Yikes, Wongi Freak Wilson, Ikarus, Dcypher, Porta, Dr Suits, Jen, Xpres One, and many more form all around the world…

Spectrum 2 10376725_946978091998957_8198662356423893956_n

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