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Stand Tall

Ghstie, PNS Wainoni, 006 Yikes, Stand Tall, New Regent St, November 2014, 040

The painted giraffe sculptures around the city seem to be popular, these two, by Sean ‘Ghstie’ Duffell at the Wainoni Pak n Save and Yikes in New Regent Street are personal favourites, highlighting two artists with distinctive personal styles and visual vocabularies with backgrounds and continuing graffiti/street practices, but whose work also reaches further…

Blowing in the wind

Inept Procedures, Cathedral Square, 30 Oct 2013 072

Cathedral Square has been a site of change over 2013. There has been a lot of colour added, making it a more welcoming and visually interesting place. People have started to spend time there, and not just tourists or people wanting to see the damaged Cathedral; skateboarders and people playing chess have returned. A few weeks ago I saw this large banner hanging from a hurricane fence near the entrance of the Square, a reminder that public space can be a site of expression…


I went to grab a coffee a C1 on the weekend, I was specifically looking to get a pic of the plaques that had been attached to the benches nearby – you probably know the ones – they were dedicated to Gerry Brownlee and Tony Marryat – but to my disappointment they had been removed

I normally don’t reblog pics, all the images here are taken by the author of the specific post. However, I decided to break my own rule and see if the world implodes or not…

9425777 Gerry Brownlee plaque 9425782 Marryat Plaque

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