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Tess Sheerin, ‘Giraffing Around’

Tess has finished the massive mural ‘Giraffing Around’ in the Liverpool St carpark (next to the Les Mills Gym on Cashel St). It was a big project and took several weeks to complete, but the effect is pretty awesome, it can be seen from far away with the striking bands of blue, white and black paint applied using fire extinguishers, and the large gesso relaese images, most noticeably the great big giraffe floating through space (you can see it through the space that was once Poplar Lane from C1). The photos almost don’t do it justice, it really is a big wall, and the textural surfaces of paint on the brick and plaster wall invite inspection. Thanks to Tess for these photos, and of course, for the mural!


HAPORI, Madras Street

Christchurch continues to be transformed into a platform game, with this  Super Mario Bros piece found on Madras Street not far from the NG Building.

As well as the well known Invader works around the world, it also reminds me of a stencil piece in San Francisco…

And another piece by Syne Bros in Barcelona…